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Sustainable Buildings & Habitat (SBH) is the only consultancy firm of its own kind in Odisha and unique in its characteristics and services. Sustainable Buildings & Habitat (SBH) is deeply committed to provide assistance to the architects, engineers, builders, building owners, government departments, policy makers and other building professionals in creating sustainable buildings and habitat. Sustainable Buildings & Habitat (SBH) provides design & technical solutions ranging from architecture to resource efficiency or green building rating in order to ensure sustainability in the building industry.
We believe that “Sustainable building is not cost intensive; rather can be constructed lower than the conventional cost with a sensitive approach”. Green Building is an accurate combination of “Sensitive Design” and “Application of Indian Building and Planning Standards & Codes”. Majority of architects claim that they do “Green Design” and some of them actually do “Green Design”, but the question is “How much green?”. Hence the only parameter missing is the analysis of design or evaluation/ certification of the same with respect to the environmental benchmarks and standards. Sustainable Buildings & Habitat (SBH) is an endeavor to facilitate the labeling or stamping of these efforts and quantification of the greenness of the green designs.